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Jul 28, 2015

Devotees offer cigarettes, alcoholic drinks to Lord Muneshwara in Karnataka

Karwar (Karnataka) : Offering flowers, sweets and fruits to god has been a part of age-old tradition in Hinduism but in Karwar district of Karnataka, devotees offer alcohol and cigarettes to Lord Muneshwara. 

Scores of devotees from all over the country including Maharashtra and Goa visit this temple to get their wishes fulfilled by offering cigarettes and alcohol.ccording to Anand Raj Naik, a priest of Muneshwara temple, alcohol and cigarettes were liked by Him. Hence, it is been made a ritual here to offer as a religious offering to please and seek His blessings. 

People pray to Lord Muneshwara for fulfilment of their wishes and once their wish is fulfilled, they come here to offer cigarette, non-vegetarian food and wine. These things were his favourite when He was alive. Hence we are still following this ritual to please him," said Naik. Every March, a fair is organized near the temple, where scores of devotees come to offer alcohol, goat and chicken.

Lord Muneshwara has fulfilled all wishes of devotees, even if some is sick people, It's believed that lord will cure them. In return, In return they offer him cigarette and wine.

It is believed that lord Muneshwara also called "Khapri" by locals, came to Karwar 300 years ago and took to renunciation. He then served the poor and the needy. After his death, a temple was constructed at a place called Karwar.

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