Apr 8, 2009

10 Qualities to be a FRIEND

In most dictionaries friend is defined as "one who is understanding, caring, and shows concerns for others.". A question to ask one's self is what are the qualities every friend should have. I have had many good friends in my life and i think i know at least 10 qualities every friends should have. Friends are very important to me because friends come right after family.  

You should not be someone's friend because you need them and leave them when you don't

Friends are there for you at all times as you should be there for them at all times. So friends are reliable, thats one of the qualities i think friends should have. Another important thing is that you can tell him or her anything and they can do the same, so friends should be trustworthy. Thirdly, i think you should feel comfortable and appreciated as who you are when you are around friends, and that you should never try to be someone else to please them. Therefore i think that friends should like you for who you are and not what you have. Another quality is think a friend should have is respect. This is very important because you have a relationship with him or her, and if there is no respect you can not be at ease around that person. I think that friends should care about each other, because like i said, friends come right after family, and a friend should care, because it is the least you can do when you've been in a friend relationship with someone. A friend should also be able to listen to you, even though he might not necessarily agree with what you say. A friend must always lend an ear when he is there. Another quality every friend should have is loyalty. It is very important in friendship. You have to stick by them, even when they aren't at their best. And congratulate them when they are. Honesty is another important quality every friend should have. You should be able to tell the truth to your friends without hurting their feelings. Some say it helps to be tactful but not many people would want someone to lie to them even to spare their feelings. Another important quality all friends should have is sharing similar interests. It makes things much easier because there's always something to talk about and conversations are much more interesting for both people. Even though many say diversity spices things up, i think that similar interests is probably what initiates most friendships. A friend who is nice is a very important quality that all friends should have. Because friends should help build your self-esteem through kindness and encouragement while it's the enemy's role to take that away. And no one likes to be a friend with someone who is mean and who will treat them like dirt.